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“Tomi came into my life during a period of great personal transition. It ultimately proved to be a meeting of fate, as Tomi had the tools, insights, and empathy to understand exactly where my challenges lay – even before I did!

Tomi‘s sincerity and authentic good will make him an exemplary coach and mentor. His ability to step back from a problem and analyze it with both intellect and compassion is central to his work.

Changing oneself is a bit like picking yourself up by your own shirt collar. An outside, friendly, patient, and smart perspective like Tomi‘s can help you turn “change” into “transformation.”

Shai Davis

Shai Davis

Strategic Branding
and Product Development

Tomi is very talented, full of motivation and creative. He has amazing social skills and is very easy to connect to. I had a great time working with Tomi, felt the energy and love for his profession. I am convinced he will be of great value to anyone working with him. I strongly recommend him!


Diana Golubov

Business Development
and Project Manager at

Tomi is a wonderful person and a brilliant coach, with great skills and intuition. He lead me to a better quality of life in my relationship. I received guidance, tasks and had many epiphanies throughout our work together. Personal growth is Tomi’s 2nd nature so if you want to change or transform your life this is the person to go to.

Ori Malkin

Ori Malkin

PhD student and Media Reseracher at Bar Ilan University

“I came to Tomi with an inner voice that for years has convinced me that I wasn’t enough and that others were better and smarter than me. During our work together I regained my confidence in myself, my abilities and worth! I even allowed myself to start dreaming and began to strive higher than I ever dared before. 

Tomi is focuses on the present -knows how to encapsulate a whole story into one sentence which helped me better understand myself and focus on what really matters.

Don’t go – RUN to him.”


Lawyer & Business owner

“Tomi – you didn’t give in to my moments of frustration. You got me to deal with my challenges in my life and bravely face them head on. Slowly but surely things started to change: I gained newly discovered self-confidence, found a job I love and improved many of my relationships. I’m shocked even as I writing this down that I achieved all these things in our short work together.

You helped me rediscover myself and the things I love! I went back to writing, drawing, and dancing! thank you for the process of getting to know myself again. It is priceless!

I’ve been able to see through you who I really am and who I want to be. I became a more optimistic person, less worried about what others may say or think. I learned to accept and love myself.”

You opened my eyes!”


Ma’ayan Ganfor


“Tomi is a great professional. Very talented, sensitive to people needs, equipped with academic tools as well as life experience. I highly recommend working with Tomi in improving internal communication in business organizations.”


Michal Morag

Independent Business and Marketing consultant

For a long time I did not find myself and was lost among all the options that stood before me. An exciting Facebook post linked me to  Tomi Dagan. Our journey began with a lot of personal concerns on my end – but once we first met they all dissipated.

At our first meeting, Tomi explained in depth what process I was about to embark on. By our second meeting, I had already arrived with more clarity and new insights!

From meeting to meeting, I was given practical tools for better conduct in my life, a deep and personal understanding of my needs and I finally saw the direction I wanted to go.

With much sensitivity, lots of belief in me Tomi structured a tailor-made journey that aligned with what was important to me which got me excited and confident for the first time in many years.

I was skeptical at the beginning of this process, but Tomi’s approach and way of working made this journey focused and based on my accomplishments so the more we moved forward the more I believed in the process and in myself!

Today I feel more empowered, focused and with a lot more motivation! I use the tools Tomi taught me on a daily basis both in my personal and professional life. 

2תומר מזרחי

Tomer Mizrahi

Interior Designer

I finally felt a real connection with a coach!

Tomi is professional, attentive and focused. He really cares about his clients, helped me to step up my career (both position and salary) – he does not give up until you reach your goal.

I recommend him with much love.


Inbar Mor Yosef

Fashion Industry


“Thank you Tomi. I feel so lucky to have a person like you in my life. The best present a person can have!”

Matan Nave


“Thanks for our session today Tomi! I feel so much better - lifted! The day has literally flipped to a great one!”

Dvir Atias


“Tomi I nailed the networking session today. People said me I was amazing! That I spoke eloquently and that they are shocked this is my first major public speaking endeavour. I couldn’t have done this without you. This was a tantalizing experience for me. I feel like shedding a tear. Thank you! For everything!”

Tomer Mizrahi

Interior Designer



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